Multifunctional Charging Station with 4 USB Ports and Artificial Decorative Plant


4 USB charging ports - can charge four devices such as iPad, iPhone and smart watches simultaneously  

3 Plants Styles - Baby Grass, Wild Grass and Succulent

5 Beautiful colors - choose one that matches your style

Super Charge - extra quick when charging only 1 or 2 devices

Dock station - keeps your desk organized and clutter free


 • Input:AC 110V-240V / 50-60Hz

 • Output: DC 5V 4.5A Max 

• Compatible with all USB devices  

• Power adaptor certified by CE, FCC and RoHS 


In the War Between Tech & Nature, We Declare a Truce!

The power of nature joins forces with pure charging power in our revolutionary plant-docking station combo. It’s a stunning decorator plant that adds aesthetic interest and a needed touch of nature to any home or office plus a 4-port USB charger and organizing dock for your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and more! Did you know that the presence of plants—even the fake kind—has been scientifically proven to decrease stress and depression, lower blood pressure and increase well-being? We could all use a greater sense of happiness at our jobs! The Power Plant will not only provide a beautiful and healthy dose of green to any office or work area, the handy device holder will also decrease desk clutter, cord confusion and increase organization. It’s a double dose of productivity-enhancing contentment in one practical yet attractive creation!  

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